A Wheelie Great Team

During the last month the BA(G) Enduro team has steadily grown as they continued their training ready for the upcoming events.

The new talent has been put through their paces at the motor-cross tracks in Greven, Münster and Werl. 

While training at these venues the entire team have had a chance to get some practice at big air jumps and other aspects of Enduro.

Although the team is on the increase they’re still recruiting new members ready for the BA(G) Enduro championships held in September at the ADAC Rallye Cup in Paderborn.

The team provides a great atmosphere for beginners and advanced riders alike, meaning anyone within BFG can take up this adrenaline-filled sport.

Training takes place two weeks prior to each event allowing everyone to get up to speed with the bikes and different surfaces.

This season’s confirmed events are happening between May and September, with the first – Plate 1, off road scramble – taking place May 13 in Schwerin.

Whether you would like to get on a bike yourself, would like to practice some photography skills or go along to support your unit team rider everyone is more than welcome to attend.

If you are interested, contact the team manager on 94 881 3218 or the BA(G) Enduro Secretary on ext 2509. You can also contact the team via the BA(G) Enduro Facebook page.

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