Recycle Centres in BFG

Everyone living outside the wire has a responsibility to dispose of their waste in a suitable manner. Normal domestic waste should be disposed of using the bin allocated but bulk and hazardous waste needs to be disposed of at your local Stadt recycle centre. As in the UK it is illegal to fly tip waste and the German authorities take a hard line against such behaviour.

The recycle centres offer various services that include drop-off compounds and collection services. The costs associated with using the Stadt services varies but specific details can be found on the Stadt websites and at the recycle centres. 

Those living within the wire do have access to the skips and bins within barracks but personal bulk items should be taken to a Stadt recycle centre or collection arranged by the Stadt. Assistance can be given by DIO Housing and the HIVE.

Recycle centres in BFG:

Bad Lippspringe:





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