Don’t throw it, show it!

BFG Legacy Project launches: New book venture gives you the opportunity to tell the world of your experiences while living and serving in Germany

The BFG Legacy Project is beginning – and you can be a part of it.

By the time the last units in 20th Armoured Infantry Brigade leave Sennelager in 2019, British Forces will have been stationed in Germany for nearly 80 years.

To mark this lengthy period of overseas deployment, HQ BFG is producing a book: British Forces in Germany – The Lived Experience.

Hundreds of thousands of military personnel and tens of thousands of civil servants and support staff have served across BFG over the years.

From SCE teachers and civilian medical personnel and dental staff within the BFG Health Service (BFGHS) / Defence Dental Service (DDS), to engineers and project managers from the Defence Infrastructure Organisation (DIO) – all have experienced life in Germany.

Every one of these people has a tale to tell and the Legacy and Projects Officer at HQ BFG would like to hear them.

This is a call for you to share your lived experiences, so don’t hesitate to get in touch. The projects officer would also like to see any good quality photographs and is keen to receive any memorabilia.

To submit your stories visit: or visit the BFGnet Facebook page.

While stories and photographs are welcome to be sent electronically, submissions and memorabilia can also be sent through the post to: Legacy and Projects Officer, HQ BFG, Catterick Barracks, BFPO 40.

So remember, before you throw it, show it!

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