Just row with it

THE BA(G) Individual and Inter-Unit Indoor Rowing Championships took place on June 21 in Barker Barracks gymnasium.

With over 46 people in attendance, all individual competitors were challenged to complete 1,000m of indoor rowing.

This was followed by the team event where teams of four had to row 4,000m.

The rules were simple:everyone in the team had to row at least once. We even saw 3 Armd CS Bn REME discussing tactics before getting started.

SI Rich Harrison said: “Such a fantastic turnout and everyone has put in 100 per cent effort. The rowing has been top quality.

“What is important is that rowing is ‘sports for all’ and anyone interested should come along.”

Well done to everyone who took part. Special congratulations go to Maj Orminston who won the 1,000m individual event (over 75kg), LCpl Bird who won the 1,000m individual event (under 75kg) and Cfn Powis who won the female 1,000m individual event.

3 Armd CSBn REME were the overall winners in the 4,000m team event.

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