Marksmen on target

Visitors from local marksmen’s club take aim on Ex Maspern Bugle 

Members of the Maspern-Kompanie visit the Warrant Officers and Serjeants’ Mess 5 RIFLES for drinks and awardsMembers of the Paderborn Maspern-Kompanie sport shooting club were invited by B Company 5th Battalion The Rifles to participate in Ex Maspern Bugle on March 17.

The 13 visitors from the club were given the chance to fire infantry weapons, compete in marksmanship, witness the capabilities of 102 Squadron 1st Military Working Dog Regiment, and gain an insight into the training conducted by 5 RIFLES.

The Maspern are part of the Paderborn Schützenverein who can trace their history back to medieval times when Paderborn was a walled city with five gates.  

Taking aimOriginally, each company of the Schützen was tasked to protect the city gates from attack before the formation of a professional army.

Today, the Paderborn Schützen is much more of a community and social group. The highlight of the year is the annual Schützenfest held in July which sees members compete in marksmanship to be crowned honorary King of Paderborn.

5 RIFLES has had an affiliation with the Maspern-Kompanie for a number of years. Due to 5 RIFLES rebasing to the UK in July it was decided that they would provide a group from Maspern-Kompanie with an insight into life in the battalion as a token of appreciation for the club’s continued support.

Sjt Escourt instructs members of the Maspern-Kompanie in marksmanship principlesThe day consisted of a visit to the Sennelager ranges where members had the chance to fire a number of weapons and compete in a marksmanship challenge.  

The guests also met members of the 102 Sqn 1 MWD Regt who demonstrated the capabilities of a number of working military dogs. 

In the afternoon the visitors had the opportunity to meet members of the Battle Group and to drive a Challenger tank in the combined arms tactical trainer (CATT). 

Members of 102 Sqn 1 MWD Regt demonstrate the capabilities of working dogs They were then shown around Alanbrooke Barracks, given a familiarisation brief and an insight into the armoured infantry’s capabilities by FSp Coy. 

The day ended with Maj Ben Casson, OC B Coy, awarding Martin Pankoke with a Commanding Officer’s coin for his victory in the marksmanship challenge.

Martin Pankoke is awarded the Commanding Officer’s coin for exceptional marksmanship by Maj Ben Casson, OC B Coy 5 RIFLES 5 RIFLES would like to thank the Maspern group for their enthusiastic participation and continued support.

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