Rough Mudder

The BA(G) Enduro team season continues as the team took part in the Oelde ADAC Enduro Championships

Half way through the season and the BA(G) Enduro/Mx team are going from strength to strength with one of the team members being selected for the British Championships in the coming weeks in Wales.

Spr Cameron Young, from 35 Engr Regt, will be flying the flag for the Army team where we wish him every success.

The weekend kicked off to an excellent start with some glorious weather which hadn’t been seen for some time at these events.

This also helps and attracts more riders, which it did as the various heats commenced and the riders set off for their specific categories,  all completing a five km route over varying terrain and obstacles with the aim to complete as many laps as possible over a two hour period.

As the results started coming in, there were a few mechanical problems which caused two of the team members not to finish, with the remainder being positioned respectively.

The team manager, Bill Buckly, from Catterick Barracks, led the way as he gained the highest position overall with a superb 4th place podium finish.

Other notable successes in the newcomers’ category were Cpl Tom Latham, QRH LAD, and Rfn Eric Johnson, who both had a great day learning some advanced skills, including race starts and how to clear some very imaginative obstacles.

Both riders were a credit to the team, being placed in the lower third of over 100 starters.

The assistant team manager, David Cooper, was placed in the middle third of the field along with some of the other team members: Rob Mather and Chris Tillmans.

The next event in the calendar for the team will be in Søggard, Denmark, on September 2, which gives the team time to prepare for the event over the coming August leave period.

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