What a Racket

Players from around BFG came together at Mansergh Bks last week aiming to become the BA(G) Badminton champion.
The competition was divided into two sections – singles and doubles. Twenty players participated in the singles matches and they were paired for the doubles competition.
Some good badminton was played and the energy of the players was incredible.
After a days proceeding the winner of the singles tournament was Pte Gurung from 26th Regt RA who had beaten LCpl Ali from 1 Armd Med Regt in the final – his fifth match of the singles tournament.
The doubles tournament got under way swiftly after the singles, with the players still warm and ready Pte Gurung aimed to make it two wins for the day and take home both championships – this time playing alongside Cpl Rai.
The doubles tournament proved to be a tough test with some players playing over eight competitive matches.
At the end of the tournament it was Pte Gurung and Cpl Rai who won the doubles meaning Gurung went home with two winners medals for the day.
As British Forces Germany draws down, participation in sport is as important as ever, but the turn out at the BA(G) Badminton did not disappoint. With four BA(G) units represented there was enough competition to keep everyone entertained.

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